Beauty and colored contacts

Contact lenses have functions ranging from changing or enhancing eye color to correcting sight related problems in order to do away with glasses.

Colored contact lenses have almost equal functions as normal contact lenses and are generally the same thing apart from the fact that colored contact lenses more focused on beautifying the users and are not just used as corrective lenses. Due to the fact that its area of use (the eye) is quite delicate, it is therefore essential to get the proper fit and to buy from reliable companies or brands. There are fairly a lot of colored contacts styles to pick from and we will touch a bit of everything in this article.

  • Natural or subtle contact lenses-

These contact lenses are solely meant to enhance your natural eye color. They are not necessarily going to change it but they noticeably add a bit of vibrancy or depth to your eye color.

  • Iris color-changing contact lenses-

These totally change the outlook of your iris, giving them a completely different color. They are even capable of working vividly regardless of how dark your eye color might be.

  • “Wild” colored contacts-

These contact lenses change the iris color or even sometimes, the entire eye. They most times possess unusual colors and outlines and are most times used in movies and theatre-based events like cosplay or simply for fun.

color contacts lens beauty queen

Colored contact lenses, with its various forms that widen your options, are capable of imminently beautifying and adding more glam to your already beautiful face and general look. That is why it is popularly said that beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in Your Eyes. However, we do need to be careful wearing and here are a few tips that will keep you using your colored contact lenses over a long period of time and without any complications.

  1. Have a schedule

In using your colored contacts, it is advisable to wear it for only few hours when you are using it for the first time in order to avoid irritation. Having a bit of itchy eyes is normal but will improve with time.

  1. Maintain your colored contacts

This just entails the basic and most important colored contact lenses hygiene tips. Don’t handle the lenses with dirty hands, examine lenses for particles or damages before wearing them, ensure lens case is clean at all times, apply cosmetics only after wearing your colored contacts.

  1. Get your right size

It is also very important for you to know your eye size and diameter before buying any colored contact lens so as to avoid complaints. This can be done easily with simple contact lens fitting sessions.

Taking care of your colored contacts is very important so following these tips together with disinfecting and cleaning them regularly, you will find it quite easy to use your colored contacts.

At Lens beauty queen, we offer you a very high quality, safe and approved colored contact lenses and quite an amount of varieties are available from natural contact lenses to ”wild” or “party” contact lenses.

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